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Me, My Ex, and Meth Pt 2

Continued from here. Ex texts me. I tell him everything is gone. Scrappers came and took all the tools, the extra engine, the extra transmission (yes, I had an extra engine and trans in my house for him), the engine hoist, the jacks, He loses his mind. He’s sending me texts that literally look likeContinue reading “Me, My Ex, and Meth Pt 2”

Oh, hey there!

I’m SolDee. No, that’s not my real name, but we don’t know each other like that…yet.
I’m not quite right,
but I’m trying to make the best of it.
I have some kids; college educated but I prefer to slum it waiting tables; into all things witchy, woo, and hocum.
If you’re looking for a laugh, I’m here for you.

Check out the tabs if you’re looking for something specific. Shoot me an email or DM on any platform if you want me to post about something specific.

I’m here to make you smile!

email: storiesfromthesol@gmail.com

About Me

Oh, you made it to the bottom.
I’m super flattered.
I’m probably too old to be starting a blog. I don’t have nearly enough of my life together as I should. You’ll never feel bad about yourself after reading my posts.

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