On Why I’ve Been Quiet Lately

Not literally. If you know and see me in person, I haven’t been quiet, but I haven’t had time to sit and write anything. Depression, anxiety, mania, ADD, and so many other mental blocks have kept me from putting fingers to keyboard. I just have to remember I’m living my life for comedic value. One day, I’m going to put together a stand-up routine.

New job: Thriving and fighting for top dog position because this type of job is what I’m made for. Biker friendly where good service and smart ass attitude is appreciated. Literally, ME.

Relationship: It. Has. Been. A. Shit. Show. And honestly, I’ve been laughing at most of it. Deep, visceral laughter because I’m not mad about any of it and haven’t been since I got back from California to find a bunch of my shit missing from my room. I put a deadbolt on my door, but I made the mistake of opening it for same shit, different day.
*eyeroll* I was an idiot, but I’m better-ish now.

Summer with Boys: My Wordless Wonder child is in the process of getting a diagnosis and upping his therapies. The Tiny Titan turned four, and he is full-fledged attitude on stumpy legs. I miss my Technie and Chatterbox every single day, but their Bubbe is taking better care of them than I could right now as I go through post-COVID recovery.

Blog: Mostly for me, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to make this into something other people enjoy. I need to integrate the metaphysical stuff because that’s where the views are at.

Crafts and Cash: So many ideas. So little time. So much anxiety. What I’m starting to think is I’m going to be making poppets (voodoo dolls) for people. Put crafts and witch shit together, and what do you get? EXACTLY!

Tarot: I’m terrified to read my own cards and haven’t had a chance to push it because see above. I’m going to try to set up a TikTok. Look for me on #MessyTok and #WitchTok

I told a friend awhile back “I’m not ready to succeed, yet.”

I’m about ready, y’all. The struggle bus isn’t fun anymore.

Published by Sol Dee

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing... the blog, employment, life. But here I am!

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