Am I Wicked or Just Tired

Is it a mom fail when the world keeps spinning without you?

The Slow Descent Into Chaos

If you’ve ever been there, you already know. You don’t suddenly wake up with holes in the drywall, bruises on your arms, dents in your car’s side, and self-esteem crushed into a nice powder you wish you could snort just to get it back in your body. What you do is wake up one dayContinue reading “The Slow Descent Into Chaos”

Me, My Ex, and Meth Pt 2

Continued from here. Ex texts me. I tell him everything is gone. Scrappers came and took all the tools, the extra engine, the extra transmission (yes, I had an extra engine and trans in my house for him), the engine hoist, the jacks, He loses his mind. He’s sending me texts that literally look likeContinue reading “Me, My Ex, and Meth Pt 2”

Me, My Ex, and Meth

There’s a lot to uncover, but this is the beginning of my final healing. This is probably going to be a series, but here’s the first installation. I’ve been waking up at 4AM consistently for the last couple of weeks. I’m a huge believer of the Chinese health clock ever since it lined up withContinue reading “Me, My Ex, and Meth”

On Why I’ve Been Quiet Lately

Not literally. If you know and see me in person, I haven’t been quiet, but I haven’t had time to sit and write anything. Depression, anxiety, mania, ADD, and so many other mental blocks have kept me from putting fingers to keyboard. I just have to remember I’m living my life for comedic value. OneContinue reading “On Why I’ve Been Quiet Lately”

Dear Automatic Toilet

I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t done when you decided to prematurely flush and send your toilet water spraying all over my unmentionables. I was just bending forward to grab the toilet paper from the guts of the dispenser. Not to make light of the situation, but I’m pretty sure what youContinue reading “Dear Automatic Toilet”

In the Beginning

There was LiveJournal, and it was bad. If you didn’t have a LiveJournal, you were probably well-adjusted and didn’t suffer through “I can’t see through my bangs,” too much eyeliner, clumpy mascara, and/or none of your blacks matched because they all fade at different rates stages of adolescence. You. Lucky. Bastard. I never really gotContinue reading “In the Beginning”